Christina Leijonhufvud

Director Social Finance, JP Morgan

Christina leads J.P. Morgan's Social Finance team, a double bottom-line investment bank business that brings financial services to the social impact investment market. Christina joined J.P. Morgan in 1996 after working for the World Bank as Country Officer, helping develop reform programs for the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia. In 1991, she served on the Economic Reform Committee for the Government of Kazakhstan. Prior to the launch of Social Finance, Christina led various risk management teams at J.P. Morgan, including Country Risk Management & Advisory, Credit Portfolio Risk Management, and Emerging Markets Market Risk Management. Christina has also worked for Ashoka-Innovators for the Public and serves on the Advisory Board for the Center for Financial Inclusion. Ms. Leijonhufvud earned a M.Sc. degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and a B.A. in Sociology from UCLA.