Hewson Baltzell

Head of the Sustainability Solutions Team, Risk Metrics

Hewson Baltzell heads the Sustainability Solutions Team at Risk Metrics Group, which just recently acquired Innovest Strategic Value Advisors. Baltzell was President and co-Founder of Innovest, which was an internationally recognized investment research and advisory firm specializing in analyzing companies' performance on environmental, social and strategic governance issues. In his role, he was responsible for developing Innovest's analysis and ratings models and managing the company.

Prior to Innovest, Baltzell was a commercial and investment banker specializing in corporate finance and real estate. At Lehman Brothers, he developed risk management analysis and procedures in the Principal Transactions Group, the merchant bank. At Chase Manhattan, his responsibilities included restructuring and securitizing the bank's multi-billion dollar real estate portfolio. Previously, Baltzell managed debt and equity portfolios for a private, foreign-owned investment company and worked in Mellon Bank's international division.

Baltzell holds an MBA in Finance from Wharton and a BA in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a frequent conference speaker and lecturer at institutions such as Wharton and Columbia.