“A standard with a rating system can help hold the line on social impact and differentiate those who are truly making a difference from those who are simply telling a story."

- Antony Bugg-Levine, Rockefeller Foundation


Appendix II: Other Disclosures

GIIRS reserves the right to share information with any Standards Partners with whom the company or fund has indicated that it has an affiliation. Data that is shared with our Standards Partners is subject to the privacy policies of our partners.

GIIRS, its affiliates or its contractors may use the information submitted through giirs.org or the GIIRS assessment form to develop and validate the assessment. Separately, GIIRS reserves the right to share aggregated and anonymous data with its affiliates, contractors and partners, with academics, and in publications based upon data submitted through this system. When aggregated in this way, GIIRS will use its commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that company and fund data does not appear with identifi able information or in a benchmark group with less than four other data points. Notwithstanding GIIRS's efforts, it is possible that partners, academics, readers or other users would be able to determine the identity of the company or fund based on the anonymous information.