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GIIRS is a ratings and analytics platform for impact investing that provides comparable and verified social and environmental performance data on high impact funds and companies seeking investment capital.


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Dear Members of the GIIRS Community,

2012 has flown by and as we head into the last few weeks of the year, the GIIRS team is both introspective and looking forward to working together in 2013. We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newly committed GIIRS funds - Adva Healthcare Fund, Bamboo Finance, EcoEnterprises Fund II, FCP Inversor, FIRST - Brazil Impact Investing Fund, Fundacion IES, Hispania Private Equity, LPImpact First Fund, Leopard Haiti Fund LP, Microvest (MicroVest Short Duration Fund LP, MV II), New Markets Education Partners, NewSpring SBIC Mezzanine Capital II, LP, Renovus Fund I and Vital Capital Fund.


We are also excited to announce that UBS AG committed to GIIRS Ratings and Analytics as a Pioneer Investor, selecting GIIRS as its impact metrics partner for its Value Based Investing Unit. 


We released our first Partnership Analytics report developed in conjunction with Investors' Circle, the first organization to sign up as a GIIRS Partner, using GIIRS as their exclusive metrics provider. Findings from the report provide a uniquely powerful tool for Investors’ Circle members to benchmark potential investments against deals they have reviewed in the past.


If you missed it, read highlights below from our Q3 Analytics Report and learn about increased functionalities for GIIRS companies and fund managers. 


Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy our last GIIRS newsletter for the year.


As always, thank you for supporting our efforts,
The GIIRS Team


Conversation with Daniel Izzo, General Partner of GIIRS Pioneer Fund Vox Capital

Vox cap logo

GIIRS interviewed Daniel Izzo, the Co-founder and General Partner of Vox Capital to understand how they recently used their GIIRS Fund Rating Report in its investment process with the Multilateral Investment Fund of the IADB, which resulted in a $4 million investment.

link to interview


Ratings & Analytics 

What are we learning from data provided by GIIRS rated companies and funds?

Some highlights from our Q3 Analytics report (data as of August 31, 2012):

268 GIIRS rated companies in 29 countries and spanning 70 industries:

  • 55% grew jobs by more than 5% in the last fiscal year

  • 30% directly address a social issue through greater than 50% of their products/services

  • 39% are raising capital in the next 12 months

  • 36% reported an increase in total wages (excluding executive management) by >5% in last fiscal year

36 GIIRS rated impact investing funds with over $1.1 billion in committed capital:

  • Majority target between 11-25% rate of return

  • Average investment size for rated funds between $1-5 million 

  • 53% of rated funds target serving the underserved through their investments and 39% target socially beneficial supply chains


Release of Assessment 1.1

The GIIRS team is working to continue to improve the ratings process and add features that provide value for GIIRS funds and companies. Earlier this fall, we released version 1.1 of the Assessment.

For more details on the new features, view slides 3-7 here



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