The Team

B Lab, the non-profit organization that oversees GIIRS, is governed by a dynamic process of broad, transparent multi-stakeholder engagement.

B Lab Board of Directors

The responsibilities of B Lab's Board of Directors include:

Members of the B Lab Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors has established several Advisory Councils to ensure continuous incorporation of best thinking and practices into B Lab's mission and activities. The Board has ultimate decision-making authority on recommendations coming from the Advisory Councils.

GIIRS Advisory Committee

The GIIRS Advisory Committee is comprised of innovators at organizations taking the lead in impact investing including banks, pension funds, foundations, investor networks, ratings agencies, private wealth managers, and investment advisors. The group is tasked with making recommendations to B Lab's Board of Directors and Management regarding:

Members of the GIIRS Advisory Committee:

Standards Advisory Council

Oversight of the B Impact Ratings System is the responsibility of B Lab's Standards Advisory Council, an independent committee of 14-16 members, each respected in the field for their wisdom and each with deep industry or stakeholder expertise. The Standards Advisory Council is divided into two subgroups — one group oversees the content and weightings for the version of the B Impact Ratings System that is appropriate for companies and funds in the developed markets, the other for the version that is appropriate for companies and funds in the emerging markets.

Developed Markets — Current Members:

Emerging Markets — Current Members:

Management & Staff

Jay Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan, and Andrew Kassoy cofounded B Lab in 2007. They have a shared passion for creating a better world through business and have been friends for over 20 years. Prior to B Lab, Jay and Bart were Co-Founder and President, respectively, of AND 1, a $250 million basketball footwear and apparel business. Andrew spent his previous career as a private equity investor; most recently as a Partner at MSD Real Estate Capital, a $1 billion real estate fund controlled by MSD Capital, the investment vehicle for the assets of Michael Dell and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

The GIIRS management team also includes:

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