The Company Impact Rating

What ratings products are available for companies seeking investment capital?

GIIRS offers a company seeking investment capital a rating of its social and environmental impact including:

GIIRS will begin rating companies in January 2011.

What is the value of a GIIRS rating for companies?

GIIRS ratings create value for companies in three main ways:

  1. Fundraising & Visibility

    Companies which have received a GIIRS rating can use their rating to raise funds from mission-aligned investors. All GIIRS company impact ratings are visible to subscribers of the GIIRS Ratings Database, with more detailed data and indicators available to investors based on a confidentiality and permission provisions determined by the company itself.

  2. Performance Tracking & Benchmarking

    Compare your company's social and environmental performance against its peers. Track your company's performance over time. Your company can use the GIIRS assessment as a roadmap to improve its social and environmental performance over time.

  3. Reporting

    Report to several investors about your company's social and environmental performance efficiently through distribution of your GIIRS rating annually.

What companies have received GIIRS ratings?

Today there are almost 300 certified B Corporations, which have completed a B Impact Ratings System assessment. View the B Reports of these companies. Beyond the certified B Corporation community and additional 4,000 companies have accessed the B Impact Ratings System. In September, 2010 the approximately 200 portfolio companies associated with the GIIRS Pioneer Funds will complete and provide feedback on version 3.0 of the B Impact Ratings System.

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