The Company Impact Rating

Examples of Use

A company raising growth-stage capital might print the cover of its offering memorandum with its GIIRS Company Impact Rating;

Sample GIIRS Company Rating


Company Ratings

What ratings products are available for companies seeking investment capital?

GIIRS offers a company seeking investment capital a rating of its social and environmental impact including:

  • an overall rating;
  • ratings in approximately 15 sub-categories;
  • key performance indicators (KPI's) relevant to the company's industry, geography, size, and social mission; and benchmark data highlighting a company's performance as compared to its peers.

What is the value of a GIIRS rating for companies?

  • Collecting & Verifying Impact Data: GIIRS provides companies a way to measure overall social and environmental performance that is comparable, comprehensive, and independent. GIIRS provides an easy to use technology platform for collecting data and a built in verification process.  In addtion through GIIRS's partnership and use of IRIS compliant metrics and definitions, any GIIRS-rated company automatically adopts the Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) and supports industry-wide initiatives for comparable definitions and data. Learn more about the IRIS & GIIRS partnership Go>>
  • Benchmarking & Reporting Performance to Investors: GIIRS provides companies an efficient process for managing and reporting impact data. Impact ratings and metrics are easily reported to investors through distribution of an annual detailed GIIRS Rating Report. Companies can use the GIIRS star ratings to compare their performance to their peers.
  • Improving Impact Performance: Utilize tools built into GIIRS to help your company improve its impact
  • Fulfill the B Corporation Certification Requirements: Companies that score at least an 80 on their GIIRS Assessment are eligible to pursue B Certification. To learn more about B Certification visit: Today there are over 700 certified B Corporations, which have completed a B Impact Ratings System assessment. View the B Reports of these companies. Beyond the certified B Corporation community an additional 7,000 companies have accessed the B Impact Ratings System
  • Fundraising: GIIRS-rated companies can use their ratings to raise capital from mission-aligned investors, including angel investors, debt or equity funds and institutional investors. For a company in the marketplace raising capital, a GIIRS rating demonstrates impact achieved and specific social and/or environmental impact areas of excellence using a standardized impact assessment adopted by leading impact investors.  
    • Over 25 investors including mainstream global financial institutions, foundations, family offices, leaders in social finance, and a multilateral development bank have declared an investment preference for GIIRS rated companies. See a list of Pioneer Investors here 
    • Over 70 impact investing funds investing in companies across industries, geographies and social impact targets have committed to getting a GIIRS fund rating and rating their portfolio companies. See a list of Pioneer Funds here
    • Mulitple exchanges, accelerators, and angel groups have made GIIRS a listing requirement. See a list of GIIRS Partners here 
    • All GIIRS rated companies are listed in GIIRS Analytics and are therefore visible to GIIRS Analytics subscribers. Learn more about GIIRS Analytics here 

What companies have received GIIRS ratings?

To see a list of companies that have received their GIIRS rating, please visit the GIIRS Company Directory.