Taking the assessment was a learning experience for our company. The assessment made me think about all of the things that I could do in the future to improve my impact."

- Smita Paul,  Founder, Indigo Handloom

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Company Ratings Process

Step 1:  Complete a GIIRS Assessment 

The first step in getting a GIIRS Ratings is taking a GIIRS Assessment, which looks at the impact of your company (1) on all of its stakeholders. The standards change depending on the size (number of employees), your geography, and type of company (sector). Completing the assessment usually takes about 2-4 hours. If you have already taken v3.0 of the B Impact Ratings System on bcorporation.net, you are way ahead of the game and should This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before getting started. Once you've completed the assessment, you will see your initial score in the 'Impact Score' tab in your assessment portal. To get started Go »

GIIRS takes data confidentiality very seriously; Please click here to view more info. 

Step 2: Complete an Assessment Review

Next, schedule a Review with a GIIRS staff member.  On this call, GIIRS staff will make sure all questions are answered accurately.  The review also helps us understand more about the company and the unique circumstances and best practices related to your company.  On average, it takes about 60 minutes to complete a review.  To schedule a review, hit 'Submit for Rating' on the 'impact score' tab or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let us know a few times that would work for you.

If your investor has asked you get a reviewed rating, upload documents related to the answers for questions deemed material by GIIRS within the ratings system. A desk review of the selected documents, which includes an assessment of whether the supporting documentation meets the criteria established by GIIRS, will be executed with the assistance of a third-party. It take 2 weeks from the time that you submit all of your documents for the third-party service provider to complete the documentation review.

Note: Deloitte & Touche has been retained as the preferred provider of document review services to assist GIIRS in its verification and rating process. In certain instances, GIIRS or another third-party will conduct documentation and on-site reviews. 

Step 3: Make it Official & Get Your GIIRS Ratings Report!

Submit payment for your GIIRS rating (if applicable) and sign a term sheet.


  • Companies that are asked by their fund manager/investor to complete the GIIRS rating process, will not be paying GIIRS directly. 
  • Companies completing the GIIRS rating process on behalf of a GIIRS partner receive discounted pricing (please refer to the partner organization for details).
  • For companies that are paying for their GIIRS rating, standard rating fees are the B Corp certification fees, details here. If you are a B Corp, you can receive a free GIIRS rating - please contact your certification owner. 

(1) GIIRS is bested suited for rating for profit companies with annual revenues of a $1billion or less. GIIRS is currently not a great fit for rating:

  • Non-profits
  • Investments in real estate or commodity based products
  • Companies with less than a year of operations