“We became a Pioneer GIIRS Fund, because we feel that it is important as an impact investor to not only measure financial returns, but also our social and environmental performance. GIIRS will allow us to measure our impact in a way that is consistent with other leading impact oriented funds in the space."

- Joe Glorfield, Partner, TBL Capital


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GIIRS Pioneer
Rated: 11.30.2011
Company Website: http://www.grosolar.com/

Company Description

groSolar is North America’s premier provider of solar energy solutions for commercial applications and the industry's highest quality products at affordable prices for its nationwide distribution channel of solar contractors.

Company Mission

Delivering peace of mind through solar energy systems and whole energy appreciation. Creating economic opportunities for shareholders while being socially responsible in business and community.

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Industry Category

Real estate, design & building


Solar panel installation (ISIC 4329)

Products and Services

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Region (World)

North America

Primary Country of Operations

United States

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