The Fund Impact Rating

 Because GIIRS is a rigorous and comprehensive measure of impact, I use a company or fund's participation in GIIRS and their rating as criteria for targeting my investments. It demonstrates a commitment to good business with sustainable values."

- Brian Taminer, Talgra  Founder and Slow Money NYC Co-chair

Examples of use

A fund manager might say that it is currently raising capital for its Green Community Impact Fund II, LP which has a achieved a GIIRS Reviewed Fund Impact Rating

A fund manager might provide investor reporting showing that its recent Global Impacy Investing Fund I achieved a GIIRS Fund Impact Rating, including transparent pre-investment and annual Company Impact Ratings for each of the companies in its portfolio

Sample GIIRS Fund Rating


Fund Benefits

What are the benefits of using GIIRS Ratings & Analytics?

  • Benchmarking &  Reporting Performance to Investors: A GIIRS rated fund can compare its performance against industry counterparts through GIIRS Analytics, the subscription data service and analytical tool analogous to Capital IQ for impact. GIIRS Analytics is a powerful tool for identifying, analyzing, conducting due diligence, benchmarking, and reporting on impact investments
  • Collecting & Verifying Impact Data: GIIRS provides funds a way to measure overall fund and portfolio company-level social and environmental performance over time that is comparable, comprehensive, and independent. GIIRS provides an easy to use technology platform for collecting data, a built in verification process, and questions and metrics selected by industry leaders saving your firm both time and money.  
  • Improving Impact Performance: Utilize tools built into GIIRS to help your portfolio companies improve their impact
  • Conducting Due Diligence: GIIRS rated funds can use the GIIRS Assessment to assess the impact performance of an investment prior to investment, streamlining your investment process
  • Fundraising: GIIRS-rated funds can use their ratings to raise capital from mission-aligned investors. For a fund in formation, the fund manager assessment and commitment to be GIIRS rated demonstrates impact goals and accountability to potential investors. For a fund with current or previous investments, a GIIRS fund rating establishes impact a track record for follow-on funds raised.   
    • Over 25 investors including mainstream global financial institutions, foundations, family offices, leaders in social finance, and a multilateral development bank have declared an investment preference for GIIRS rated funds. See a list of  Pioneer Investors here
    • Mulitple exchanges, accelerators, and angel groups have made GIIRS a listing requirement. See a list of GIIRS Partners here
    • All GIIRS rated funds are listed in GIIRS Analytics and are therefore visible to GIIRS Analytics subscribers. Learn more about GIIRS Analytics here

What ratings products are available for fund managers?

GIIRS Fund Rating is comprised of an aggregate numerical score and rating for a fund based on an aggregation of the GIIRS Company Impact Ratings for its portfolio investments. In order to receive an Initial Fund Rating, the underlying companies in the portfolio must obtain a Company Impact Rating.

If a fund is still in formation it can obtain an Initial Fund Rating to assist in the fundraising process. In order for a fund in formation to receive a an initial rating a fund must:

  • take an assessment with questions regarding the fund's policies and practices; and
  • commit to annual rating throughout the life of its fund

Each year a fund receives an updated rating with current information about the investments in its portfolio. At the close of a fund, funds receive a track record rating, a report summarizing its impact performance over the life of the fund. The fund track record rating is designed to be used by funds when raising a follow-on fund.

What funds have received GIIRS ratings?

To view a list of funds that have recieved their GIIRS ratings reports, please visit the GIIRS Fund Directory.

To see a complete list of the GIIRS Pioneer Funds, leading venture capital and private equity firms from the developed and emerging markets that were the first funds to commit to getting a GIIRS rating, please visit our listing of  GIIRS Pioneer Funds.