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Grower's Secret
GIIRS Pioneer | Certified B Corporation
Rated: 02.06.2012
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Company Description

Grower’s Secret Pro has been shown to encourage plants to grow up to 30% larger, reduce growing cycles, extend shelf life, and reduce pathogens and pests. It can be universally added to any fertilizer and applied by soil drench or heavy foliar spray.

Company Mission

Petro-fertilizers made from synthetic chemicals are on their way to the compost pile of great ideas that in the end poisoned our environment. It is our mission to replace inorganic fertilizers with organic based materials.

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Industry Category

Manufactured Goods


Chemicals & chemical products (ISIC 20)

Products and Services

Organic Plant Growth Enhancers & Organic Fertilizers

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Region (World)

North America

Primary Country of Operations

United States

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No Other Countries of Operation