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Vox Impact Investing I FIP
GIIRS Pioneer
Fund Manager Name: Vox Capital
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Rated: 02.09.2012

Fund Description

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Fund Mission

Vox Capital was founded in 2009 with a clear mission: to help improve the lives of millions of low-income people in Brazil. The ultimate goal of everything we do and every company we invest in is to generate the largest positive social impact possible. We believe this will only be possible if we work with entrepreneurs who are building highly scalable companies that deliver a healthy financial return to their shareholders, while being deeply committed to solving an issue that holds back the development of the local BOP population.

Vintage Year


Geographic and Industry Investment Targets

Target Industry

Construction | Education | Financial & insurance activities | Human health & social work | Information & communication | Real estate, design & building

Target Industries Description

None provided

Investment Region(s)

Latin America

Countries of Investment


Geographic Target Description

None provided

Impact Investment Targets

Impact Targets

Socially beneficial prod/serv | Targeting the underserved | Workforce development | Community development | Socially beneficial supply chains

Impact Targets Description

None provided

Socially Beneficial Products & Services

Access to basic services | Health | Infrastructure/market access | Economic &/or empowerment opportunities | Capital Flow (microfinance, equity, etc) | Other | Education

Environmentally Beneficial Products & Services

None provided