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Willow Tree Fund
GIIRS Pioneer
Fund Manager Name: Willow Impact
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Rated: 02.17.2012

Fund Description

WillowTree Funds invest growth capital in for-profit, early-stage companies and SMEs that are committed to generating sustainable and demonstrable social and environmental impact in Africa and the Middle East.

Fund Mission

The Fund's mission is to maximise the social and/or environmental impact of its investments while realising a healthy and fair financial return for the Fund's investors and partners. The Fund's objective is to diversify risks and to achieve a long-term net asset growth. The guiding principles for all the Company’s operations are good governance, best practice, transparency as well as the highest ethical standards.

Vintage Year

None provided

Geographic and Industry Investment Targets

Target Industry

Agriculture, forestry & fishing | Education | Human health & social work | Manufactured Goods | Other services

Target Industries Description

Six key sectors: health, environment, education, food and agriculture, community development, poverty alleviation.

Investment Region(s)

Middle East and North Africa | Africa

Countries of Investment

None provided

Geographic Target Description

East Africa, North Africa, Middle East.

Impact Investment Targets

Impact Targets

Socially beneficial prod/serv | Environmentally beneficial prod/serv | Targeting the underserved | Community development | Environmentally beneficial practices

Impact Targets Description

None provided

Socially Beneficial Products & Services

Access to basic services | Health | Economic &/or empowerment opportunities | Capital Flow (microfinance, equity, etc) | Education

Environmentally Beneficial Products & Services

Renewable energy/Cleantech | Waste reduction | Pollution prevention