Institutional Investors & Investment Advisors

“An investment rating system that allows managers like us to talk about the impact we’re having compared to others, in addition to the financial return and the risk, allows us the opportunity to round out the story of our work. There is an opportunity for this (GIIRS) to be a game changer. If it is, it will change the way people think about how to make investment decisions, and that would be monumental."

- Preston D. Pinkett, Vice President, Prudential

Examples of use

An institutional investor might purchase detailed KPI data for each of its direct investments and fund investments;

An investment advisor might create GIIRS licensed products and subscribe to the GIIRS data platform to provide investors with due diligence reporting;

Sample GIIRS Company Rating

Sample GIIRS Fund Rating


Ratings & Analytics

What tools are available for Investors & Investment Advisors?

B Lab provides a series of tools that impact investors need to make intelligent impact investing decisions. In September 2013, B Lab launched a new platform called B Analytics. B Analytics is a customizable platform for measuring, benchmarking, and reporting on impact. To learn more about B Analytics, click here. 

What value does GIIRS Create for Institutional Investors & Investment Advisors?

GIIRS facilitates the lifecycle of the investment process in three primary ways. By using and/or subscribing to GIIRS Analytics, investors can:

  1. Access verified data for a target company or fund that has been collected according to a rigorous and transparent set of independent standards. This reduces their due diligence costs by spending less staff time and money collecting and standardizing data, frees-up the investment team to focus on the critical investment judgments, determine where further due diligence may be required, and reduces the burden on entrepreneurs to provide the same data to multiple investors in different forms;
  2. Benchmark social and environmental performance of a prospective investment relative to comparable and independent ratings and indicators for similar investment opportunities by industry, geography, fund type, etc. using both ratings information and additional metrics data. This provides investment teams with tools to independently confirm their own due diligence judgments as well as their impact claims to investors; and
  3. Track the social and environmental impact of their investments on a comparable basis over the investment lifecycle. This provides investors with the ability to assess ongoing performance relative to other investments in their portfolio, to help portfolio businesses improve social and environmental performance over time, and to easily and systematically report on the actual influence they have had in creating impact through their investment and portfolio management processes.

What Investors are Using GIIRS?

The GIIRS Pioneer Investors are a diverse group of global private equity investors and credit providers including mainstream global financial institutions, foundations, family offices, leaders in social finance, a multilateral development bank. All GIIRS Pioneer Investors have declared an investment preference for GIIRS-rated funds and companies as a part of their impact investing strategies.

If you are an investor that is interested in becoming a Pioneer Investor, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .