“We became a Pioneer GIIRS Fund, because we feel that it is important as an impact investor to not only measure financial returns, but also our social and environmental performance. GIIRS will allow us to measure our impact in a way that is consistent with other leading impact oriented funds in the space."

- Joe Glorfield, Partner, TBL Capital


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FCP Inversor
Fund Manager Name: Inversor
Fund Manager Website: www.inversor.org.co
Rated: 02.08.2013

Fund Description

Inversor is an Impact Investing fund, which invests in SMEs in Colombia, looking for financial returns while creating social and environmental impact.

Fund Mission

Inversor seeks to create economic value for its investors, while generating a positive, meaningful and sustainable impact, both social and environmental, in all investments. The Fund expects to achieve the following purposes:- To contribute to the development and growth of SMEs in Colombia.- To be a sustainable and replicable model for financing and supporting social investments.- To increase the management capacity of supported companies. - To create new employment opportunities and contribute to the country’s economic development.- To consolidate as an impact investing vehicle in Colombia.

Vintage Year


Geographic and Industry Investment Targets

Target Industry

Accommodation & food service | Agriculture, forestry & fishing | Construction | Education | Electricity, gas & air conditioning | Financial & insurance activities | Human health & social work | Retail | Water, sewerage & waste management

Target Industries Description

None provided

Investment Region(s)

Latin America and the Caribbean

Countries of Investment


Geographic Target Description

None provided

Impact Investment Targets

Impact Targets

Socially beneficial prod/serv | Environmentally beneficial prod/serv | Targeting the underserved | Workforce development | Community development | Distributed wealth models | Socially beneficial supply chains | Environmentally beneficial practices

Impact Targets Description

None provided

Socially Beneficial Products & Services

Health | Infrastructure/market access | Economic &/or empowerment opportunities | Capital Flow (microfinance, equity, etc) | Education

Environmentally Beneficial Products & Services

Renewable energy/Cleantech | Energy efficency | Waste reduction | Pollution prevention | Education, measurement, or research