“We became a Pioneer GIIRS Fund, because we feel that it is important as an impact investor to not only measure financial returns, but also our social and environmental performance. GIIRS will allow us to measure our impact in a way that is consistent with other leading impact oriented funds in the space."

- Joe Glorfield, Partner, TBL Capital


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Oasis Fund S.C.A. Sicav FIS
GIIRS Pioneer
Fund Manager Name: Bamboo Finance
Fund Manager Website: www.bamboofinance.com
Rated: 02.07.2013

Fund Description

Its multi-sector Oasis Fund with USD 53 million AUM has invested in a global portfolio of companies in sectors like energy, healthcare, housing, financial inclusion and education.

Fund Mission

To fund entrepreneurs and organizations who have found innovative, profitable ways to improve people's lives and bring affordable services to low-income communities while providing investors with a commercial return.

Vintage Year


Geographic and Industry Investment Targets

Target Industry

None provided

Target Industries Description

Innovative, commercially viable enterprises which are designed to generate an attractive financial return and significant social impact.

Investment Region(s)

South Asia | East Asia and Pacific | Sub-Saharan Africa | Latin America and the Caribbean

Countries of Investment

Brazil | India | Kenya | Laos | Mexico | Mozambique | Pakistan | Panama | South Africa | Viet Nam

Geographic Target Description


Impact Investment Targets

Impact Targets

Socially beneficial prod/serv | Environmentally beneficial prod/serv | Targeting the underserved

Impact Targets Description

The Oasis Fund invests in companies that deliver essential goods and services which benefit low income communities by providing access to affordable financing, housing, healthcare, education, energy, livelihood opportunities, water, and sanitation.

Socially Beneficial Products & Services

Access to basic services | Health | Infrastructure/market access | Economic &/or empowerment opportunities | Other | Education

Environmentally Beneficial Products & Services

Renewable energy/Cleantech | Energy efficency | Waste reduction | Pollution prevention | Education, measurement, or research | Other